Astrology and Reiki

 "Ally is a gifted astrologist with a solid 20 years of experience reading charts. She is both knowledgeable and intuitive and has an uncanny ability to connect all the dots and explain things clearly and to the point. Her background in personal coaching enables her to relate easily to people and her training in Holy Fire Reiki gives her access to a profound wisdom and compassion in her work. I can't recommend her highly enough! She is the real deal! I am so glad she is here in Baltimore!" - MDB

 "AMAZING! was the first word that came to my blown mind after having Ally read my birth chart. She is highly intelligent and exceptionally intuitive and though we had just met, I felt like she really knew who I was at the core. I have returned to her a few times to ensure that some important upcoming plans are timed to be in alignment with the planets. I know it sounds kinda crazy folks --but it actually works. I have gone from skeptic to believer and I know that you will too!"- TW 

 "Highly recommend having Ally read your birth chart. She is very intuitive & knowledgeable about astrology. Ally taught me so much about astrology & myself. Wish I meet her years ago, she would have saved me a lot of time & money spent on therapy. Also, I took Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 & 2 training with her & Adan. It was such a powerful spiritual experience for me!" -KK

 "My Reiki lesson and session with Ally was nothing short of amazing. I have always been interested and drawn to Reiki but had no idea where to start. A friend recommended Ally and I’m so pleased she did. Ally had a beautiful way of making me feel comfortable being a beginner, this meant a lot to me. The session was so much more meaningful than I expected. The only thing I would change is that I wish it lasted longer. I’m looking forward to the next session." -MA

 "Ally is a highly intuitive soul. Her hospitable aura is just oozing with goodness once you meet her. I️ am so grateful to have seen Ally for reiki it was very powerful. If you are looking to heal in a safe way, hit Ally up!" -AA  


"I had the pleasure of being coached by Allison and will say she has a amazing ability of uncovering what lies beneath the surface. I was able to move through emotions and find the gift that was within the moments to truly overcome and transform through them. She is genuine and thoughtful in her approach and demeanor. I am forever grateful for our time together." - NI

 "Ally is both pragmatic and intuitive in her coaching. She has a vast array of supportive tools at her fingertips. I did eight sessions of coaching with Ally during a very stressful time of transition. She helped me prioritize and organize tasks so that I didn't feel so overwhelmed. I really appreciated the ongoing support and accountability the sessions gave me. They helped me stay on task and keep things in perspective. I highly recommend Ally's coaching services during any time of transition or any time you have a large project that feels overwhelming."- GM

 "Working with Ally has truly helped me to find the strength that had been buried deep inside me for too long. She is helping me to find, hear, and trust, my inner voice again. Ally really gets me, and celebrates my achievements with such genuine joy that it leaves me speechless. I can’t thank her enough." -CS 


I have to take a moment to share how AMAZING my work with Ally's Life Coaching has been....

I have experienced such significant shifts in my life while working with Ally. Her holistic approach to coaching creates space for me to explore all the facets of my life and being.

Ally's unique style offers a variety of expertise (Energy Leadership Coach, Astrologist, and Holy Fire Reiki Healer) that facilitates greater insight into my mind, body, energy, and soul - unlike any other coaching experience. Her intuitive and artful blend of guided questions, exercises, and meditations paired with her capacity to challenge me to dig deep continues to reveal essential truths, creating opportunities for growth and healing.

Being coached by Ally is empowering me to live the highest, most beautiful, and complete expression of my life.- GK