My Journey



The year was 1998.  

I was a senior at James Madison University, and I was experiencing a rebirth fueled by the burgeoning New Age movement,  a World Religions class I spontaneously signed up for at the last minute, and a green-eyed beauty named Sue.  One evening, we sat in her room in  front of her computer,  she asked me when I was born, typed it into the computer, and the next thing I know, my birth chart popped up in front of me. 

To say I was immediately fascinated, would really be an understatement. I was beyond fascinated.  I was hungry. 

STARVING, actually...and hadn't even realized it...for more. 

I wanted to know as much as possible.  I went straight to the book store and bought the book, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need. 

I read it daily, over and over again. I still have it here in my house somewhere with the stained pages falling out and scribbled notes throughout. I was like a sponge. I could not get enough.  

One of the overarching themes of that time in my life was an overwhelming feeling of "why didn't any of the adults tell me about this stuff?" I just couldn't understand why things like acupuncture, astrology, meditation were not a part of my childhood, or mainstream culture, in general.

The months that followed and the learnings that came from this first encounter with my birth chart were formative times that changed my path forever. My inner compass was suddenly establishing itself in the orbiting planets of our solar system, and they would become a part of my consciousness forever. Well, they were already a part of my consciousness… however, now I was relating to them with more awareness.

It's amazing how one moment of genuine truth can change the trajectory of your life forever.  That single moment planted a seed that continues to blossom to this day. 

Thank you Sue!

The Year of the Rabbit

 It was 1999.

My first job out of college was at a little shiatsu school called Ohashiatsu Maryland in Ellicott City, MD.

One day I was driving along and saw the sign, OHASHIATSU MARYLAND, and thought to myself, “What is this place?”

So...I stopped.

When I entered the studio there was a little old Chinese woman sitting behind the front desk. 

Her name was Hazel Chung. 

She welcomed me in and answered all of my questions. 

I had a lot of questions.

What is shiatsu?
What are meridians?
What is chi?

That was the beginning of my journey of working with the energy field of the human body.

Hazel became one of my first teachers.
I was 22 years old at the time.  I'm almost that means I've been studying this stuff for half of my life.

Wow...that's a little crazy to me.

I can remember many emotions around this time of discovery, including anger and dismay at the fact that we were not taught these things as children or brought up with them as a normal part of our society.

I couldn’t understand why something that seemed so simple and so natural was not shared openly (and with celebration) for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Now, it’s twenty years later and as a parent, I have raised my children to know and experience the world of energy healing. 

I have raised them to use their birth charts for guidance and acupuncture for maintaining their health and wellness. 

Both girls have been receiving regular acupuncture appointments since they were in my womb. 

They are now 12 and 14. 

They don’t know a life without meridians and astrology.

This was something I decided way back when I landed at Ohashiatsu Maryland in 1999.

It may be a small part that I play but I’m playing all out. I've been playing all out for a long time.  I’m aligned with my values and my truth and keep moving from that place.

The experiences I’ve been given in this life are cherished gifts and have lit a passion in me that carries me to this day. The way forward has always been shown to me. It has always just been up to me to recognize it, say yes and take the next step.

Thank you Hazel!

StarSong Reiki

Where I Am Now

In my hands, I am a healer.

In my body, I am joy.

In my service, I am here for you.

In my heart, I am a mother's love. 

In my voice, I am a teacher.

In my mind, I am divine.

In my soul, I am listening.

In my spirit, I am infinite.